The art of detailing...

Detailing is the strict operation of through cleaning, decontamination, restoring and finishing to produce a better than showroom finish.

Detailing is undertaken both on the interior and exterior. By getting detailing done by a professional you can expect the paintwork to be enhanced and light scratching, swirl marks and holograms that appear from incorrect wash techniques and other factors to be eliminated.

Our team are Gtechniq accredited giving you added piece of mind knowing only the best products in the industry will be used and that we have also been inspected by Gtechniq to meet their high standards.

Ceramic Coatings...


After any detailing work it is always recommended to select your protection product. Some people chose PPF, some chose ceramic coatings, some both.
Ceramic coatings offer protection for you cars paint, wheels and other surfaces from

  • Etching
  • unbalanced PH
  • Chemical resistances
  • Light swirl marks
  • Staining

while adding extra gloss, hydrophobic finish, surface slickness and making the vehicle easier to clean. All our Gtechniq ceramic coatings also come with a guarantee.

What is available?

With detailing each car is different and each car requires a custom package to suit the owners requirements.

We have many packages available to help get an understanding of price please use the detailing builder below or contact our team who will be more than happy to assist.

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