Vehicle detailing

What is Detailing?

Detailing is the strict operation of through cleaning, decontamination, restoring and finishing to produce a better than showroom finish.

Detailing is undertaken both on the interior and exterior. By getting detailing done by a professional you can expect the paintwork to be enhanced and light scratching, swirl marks and holograms that appear from incorrect wash techniques and other factors to be eliminated.

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What is available?

With detailing each car is different and each car requires a custom package to suit the owners requirements.

We have many packages available from our most standard maintenance wash (only available to customers who have had their car detailed by us), to our protection detail, enhancement detail all the way to our top level 5 detail.

Regardless of the package all cars will be cleaned and fully decontaminated and undergo a full paintwork inspection. The interior will be cleaned and hoovered with options available to get the finish you desire.

Our experts will talk you through each step from showing you our inspection findings, to package recommendations and the final sealant product that would be suit your needs best.

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