Paint Protection Film offers protection against stone chips, scuffs and scratches and wash damage and more. Our packages start from £975+vat, contact us below for a bespoke quote.


Protecting your vehicle with Paint Protection film is a must! Our PPF offers;

  • Stone chip and road debris proteciton
  • Chemical and scratch protection
  • Swirl mark protection
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 year comprehensive manufacture warranty
  • Self-healing properties
  • Virtually invisible
  • Helps keep the showroom finish
  • Specialist designed patterns

Premium Pack

PPF premium pack

Front Bumper


Full wings

Full Bonnet

Wing Mirrors

Premium + Pack

PPF premium + pack

Front Bumper


Full wings

Full Bonnet

Wing Mirrors

Side Skirts


Front of Roof

Complete Coverage

PPF full pack

Complete coverage on all exterior surfaces

Wear and tear pack

If you would like any more information about one of our packages or for a bespoke quote contact us below.

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PPF in detail...


Our PPF is made from a polyurethane film at around 1.2 mills thick, it offers a clear or satin (depending on preference) shield like protection to the surface it has been applied.
Due to the design and thickness of our Xpel PPF, it will absorb impact such as stone chips and minor bumper scrapes, as well as protecting from bird droppings and other harsh environmental factors. Xpel PPF provides industry leading PPF films for the market for automotive protection.

There are many options available from front end protection all the way to full car protection, each panel has its uniquely designed pattern resulting in optimum coverage and protection.

As each vehicle is unique, we would advise to call one our of dedicated team who will be more than happy to help and provide you with the product that best suits your personal requirements.


Trac Wrap Temporary Protection


Tracwrap is temporary paint protection film (PPF) solution that creates a substantial barrier from rocks, road and track debris, bugs, and other elements. Tracwrap offers more protection than other methods such as masking tape or spray on alternatives. Tracwrap is quick to install and offers the best protection available for track day events or traveling to car shows where only temporary protection is required.


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