Xpel Paint Protection Film

With growing demand in the market for Paint Protection Film or PPF as short, we thought we would write a short blog explaining PPF and its benefits as well as why us as installers chose to offer Xpel Paint Protection Film over other manufactures.

Paint Protection Film was first designed for military helicopters, to protect rotors and other sensitive parts. Like other military technologies the film has made its way into the commercial industry, where is has went under a massive change! From the ugly thick tape used on helicopters where appearance was not an issue, to now being able to be applied to car paint work and becoming almost virtually invisible.

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Technology has played a massive role in getting PPF to where it is today. Making the film thinner but more robust and more conformable for vehicles are just some of the early highlights of Paint Protection Film. Now you can find anti-yellowing and self-healing properties are some of the most outstanding benefits to PPF. Even with all of these technological advancements over the years, PPF still offers unrivalled protection from stone chips, road debris and the harsh elements of roads in the UK.

There are many resellers of Paint Protection film but only a limited number of manufacturers. Xpel manufacturers their own film within the United States at their dedicated facility in San Antonio, TX. By manufacturing their own film, they can constantly make sure the product coming of the production line has be created by using their most up to date technologies and highest quality standard.



Xpel Paint Protection Film has been voted several times as the best PPF on the market, this is because Xpel were the first manufacturer to offer seal-healing properties and an unheard of 10-year comprehensive warranty. This left the rest of the industry in the dark ages. They also offer edge seal technology which stops edges from lifting as well as a dedicated design program that is the most extensive program worldwide with each car having its own template designed for each panel for the most precise fitment.

Xpel progresses to make sure they are constantly the best in the field by making sure their warranty cover’s; yellowing, staining, delaminating, cracking, peeling, bubbling and more. Xpel have also got their other films from the Stealth range that offers protection to vehicle with matte paintwork but can also be used on gloss paintwork to give the matte look, to Tracwrap that is a temporary film for track day enthusiasts.

After researching and understanding all the above about Xpel PPF, it was a no brainer for us to become part of the Xpel network. In November 2018 we officially became an Authorised Xpel installer. By being an authorised Xpel installer we can provide each install with a 10-year comprehensive warranty. We also use a comprehensive database of precision designed templates that we cut using precision cutting equipment to ensure perfect fitment on every install.

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